The Pole Star is an intellectual and educational journey through which people working/ interested in preserving tangible and intangible natural resources and the educational and vocational career counseling are being engaged in a rich knowledge environment.

Conservation of Energy Resources

The Pole Star has aim to impede the overexploitation of the natural (fossil) resources of energy and to promote the awareness about the adverse consequences of non-productive use of future energy sources.

Career Counseling

The Pole Star has aim to spread career awareness especially for financially deprived and remote area resident students and to provide teachers of remote area schools and colleges free career and admission information so that they make students come forward to utilize their vigor to meet the challanges of world advancements.

Piracy and Plagiarism

The Pole Star seeks to initiate sustainable projects that promote vision of negative consequeces of piracy - copyright infringement and Plagiarism and to provide legal assistance and moral support to the owner of the original work.


The Pole Star aims to create healthy envirnoment by promoting the general awareness to reduce or eliminate the pollutants/radiation generated by common social and industrial activities.

Develop Female Agent of Change
Education of a woman in a family makes a developed generation. Sponsor a woman education as an agent of change.

The Organization