The Pole Star, a non-profit, non-partisan entity, engage in fostering social and envirnomental preventive initiatives today for tommorow.

The Pole Star Organization is devoted to the preservation of the natural resources, through the prevention of environmental degradation and destruction. The Pole Star develops and implements scientific strategies for decreasing fossil fuel use, preventing extra exploitation of natural resources, and promoting the protection of the original work of authors and inventors by creating awareness about the hazardouse of piracy (copyright-infringment) and plagiarism.

The Pole Star Organization supports educational and vocational counseling at schools in rural areas and encourage educating the teachers for career counseling.

The Pole Star Organization educates the public about a wide variety of topics including
  • Preservation of natural resources and prevention of degradation of the envirnoment.
  • Educational and vocational counseling including educating the teachers for counseling.
  • Piracy and Plagiarism


Develop a Child Agent of Change
Sponsor a child from higher secondary education to higher education (PhD). The success of a child from underpriviliged areas acts as catalyst for the accelerated educational growth.

The Organization