Problems in Making A Good Career Choice

There was no problem in making a career choice in the early days of human civilization. Then feudalism converted it into a family affair. The son of a blacksmith was destined to become a blacksmith. A feudal was a born leader. However, industrialism made it possible for common people to be more rich than many feudal couldn’t even imagine. You could even monopolize a field if you had due skills and knowledge.
In post-industrialism, the economy is becoming more knowledge-based. Degrees and certificates may qualify you to apply for certain opportunity but can’t guarantee your success. You are required to show working knowledge, analytical reasoning and aptitude for certain type of jobs. Even then you may not be able to get a life-long job with any of the organization. It is not strange that people are changing their careers for every couple of years.
Now your choice of career can’t satisfy your future with a single job. You need to identify a number of alternatives having slight or no difference in the field of knowledge, expertise and skills. It will not only make you a better choice for a certain opportunity but also prepare you for future unexpected situations. The other problems in making a good career choice include:

Lack of Career Planning

Most of the people are looking merely for a job. They don’t care whether the applied job is according to their aptitudes and passion. They are likely to sign contract for the first job that they encounter without any kind of career planning.
This unplanned decision may result in many frustrated years in a wrong career. Many times it is too late to change your career choices.

Inadequate Career Research

The second most hazardous problem in making a right career choice is inadequate career research. You may have planned your career a bit but ignorance of the latest developments in the job market may push you for a dying opportunity. You may realize after many years that your opportunity has no more spot in the changing socio-economic evolution.

Hidden Opportunities

Generally, hidden opportunities mean those jobs which are not advertised. However, we include those opportunities as well which are novel to the current job market. There is no shortage of opportunities. The people who travel with the changing socio-economic conditions face no shortage of them.
But most of them require you to identify them with your passion, education and experience. It is not surprising that on one hand the unemployment rate is increasing. On the other hand there is acute shortage of skilled people in the fields of computer, technology and electrical systems.
The problem is not with the opportunities but with the old fashioned education which most of the countries are departing to their students. When they come to the practical life, they feel that many of the jobs related to their formal education are either dried up or given birth to new opportunities for which they don’t have any kind of skills.

Contractual Opportunities

The days of life-time opportunities are almost over. Most of the organizations, private or public, prefer to hire the people on contract for some period or particular season. The contractual period not only lets you to analyze your career choice but also helps the employers to measure your future performance. If you prove your worth to the organization, the employers may like to keep you even with bigger compensations. However, shorter periods may lead you to make wrong career choice.

Aptitude testing

When you are looking for jobs, short or long term, you will have to pass through the career aptitude tests. The psychologists try to measure your talents to cultivate certain kinds of skills. If they see that you are unable to meet the required standards, they shall most probably vote against your hiring. Though the psychological tests have not come with solid evidence to prove their claims but employers are turning towards them heavily to avoid bad-hire.
They can prove detrimental to you career choice if you fail to show your mental alertness in career aptitude testing.
You need to go to the session with fresh and free mind. It is advisable to prepare before encountering any psychological test.

Communication Skills

Most of the neo-industrial evolution opportunities relate to the public dealing. If you don’t have adequate communication skills, you may not prove a good employee for any organization. You need to deal with people effectively for better future of the organization. Unfortunately, most of the people fail to develop their communicative skills before making a career choice.

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